Is it possible to transfer money to other user using Paypal the same way it is done in Stripe?

Hey guys!
Firstly, I searched the whole forum and didn’t find anyone asking about this before

Secondly, what I am trying to do is to make a system where one user is able to pay another user (like in marketplaces) but without using Stripe Connect.

Is there any way to do that using Paypal or any other payment plugins, guys?

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Hi @kodjima33,

I’m stuck with the same question, including all legal implications.

Here, I need to receive a payment from a customer, and send this amount later to the Seller, when the Customer validates the Seller’s service.

It seems that Stripe doesn’t allow this between countries.

So, I’m joining your thread.



I’m interested in this solution and just found this

Seems you have to apply and be approved.


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