Stripe x PayPal x Bubble x Plaid

hey all :wave:

looking for possibilities of this use case.

Creative marketplace for sellers and buyers in the sports industry. where buyers can buy a monthly subscription and sellers can sell their nutrition plans, exercise programs, etc as their products.

Buyers will buy via stripe checkout on the bubble application (easily doable via stripe plugin)
Sellers will get the payout in their bank accounts or PayPal account.

Once buyers purchase a monthly subscription, the amount will be sent to the platform stripe account. and on a specific date of every month, 80% of the payment will be sent to the seller’s bank account.

Is this possible that sellers can attach their bank accounts (or PayPal account) to the platform? and the platform sends the amount to that bank account (or Paypal account) using stripe. because all payments are in stripe.

any leads to integrations would be appreciated.
thanks already!

Yes it is

Interested to hear how to set this up as well. I’m looking to integrate Paypal into my marketplace in the near future.

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