Is it possible to use brackets in a calculation?

eg. Let’s say you wanted to express the progress of the month as a percentage of completion…

The calculation would be (Current Date - Month Start) / (Month End - Month Start).

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Will take a look at these - thanks!

The only viable solution I’ve found is to calculate subexpressions separately and keep them in the database (or in a hidden control if it’s in the same form you need them) and then use them to calculate say the division

Order of calculation is left to right with no operator precedence and no parentheses. It’s like having a single accumulator and various operations involving the accumulator and an operand

5+6*3 is
5 = 5
5 +6 = 11
11 *3 = 33

and not 5+18=23

oops, fixed the original miscalculations (due to late hours probably)

That’s a bit crazy for such a simple thing


Hi all - We recently released an experimental features UI that has a development version of parentheses. Learn more here! Hope you all have the opportunity to start playing around with it and help us iterate to make it better!