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How do I enter formula without brakets

Am I right in thinking Bubble calculations can’t include brackets?

How would I enter a formula like this without brackets?


Yes, standard Bubble doesn’t have a function for brackets, neither does it follow standard order of operations - all equations in bubble are read left to right and done in the order they appear.

So for more complex equations that would normally use brackets you have 3 options…

  1. Re-order your formula so it works from left to right. This is not always possible but in your example above it would be: B4-B5/3+B4

  2. Use custom states to temporarily store the values of each part of the equation, then do the calculations on those values. e.g. set custom state x’s value to B4-B5, set custom state y’s value to custom state x’s value/3, then calculate B4+custom state y’s value.

  3. I think there are some plugins that let you use brackets (I’m not certain though) so maybe look into some of those.


Great reply Adam and thanks for three solutions :slight_smile:

After using brackets for decades it is hard to get my head around not using them.

Option 1 will do it for this time, but if I have any more complex ones to do, which I am sure I will, then it looks like option 2 will be the way to go.

Thanks Adam.

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And here is a new free plugin