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Is it possible to use multiuser whatsapp on bubble?

is it possible to use multiuser whatsapp on bubble?

I have to create a multi-user platform for whatsapp on the bubble, does anyone have any suggestions?

do you know if there is any plugin that can be used?

Hey @edualves10 :wave:

Thanks for the post! I’m afraid I don’t totally know what you mean by multiuser. Are you looking to allow a user to sign into multiple whatsapp accounts through this app? Or, are you building a whatsapp clone where you want multiple users to be able to interact?

Feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected] with some additional context and we’d be happy to talk through some options.

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Hello Andrew
what I want is to make a clone of whatsapp yes, i want to create an application pnde it is possible for more than one person to use whatsapp web and with that to have multiple attendants using only one number, can you give me an idea of ​​how it could be done?


I have this with the official api

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Hello yorgio 1024, how are you?

Thanks for answering.

could you explain to me how you made your application? And show me how your app looks like?


Andrew, I’m building a Whatsapp clone where I want multiple users to be able to interact using just one whatsapp account.

example: I have a phone number that I talk to my customers through whatsapp web and what I want is for my team of three attendants to be able to talk to customers using this same number, is it easier to understand?


Hey @edualves10

Thanks for the additional info and cool idea! Makes total sense. I would recommend setting up an ‘account’ or ‘team’ data type that you associate your users to. The API keys for the Whatsapp account would be associated with the ‘account’ or ‘team’ you set up so that all users associated with that record could take action in whatsapp or view the data it’s returning.

Some plugins will store data on the current user by default which might make this sort of setup difficult. If you find that’s the case with the available whatsap plugins, you might want to consider building your own integration using our API Connector.

Give it a look and feel free to reach out with any additional questions to [email protected]

Hello Yorgio1024

will can indicate where i find de whatsapp official API?

And how integrate with bublle?

I made a private plugin for that

Hello Yorgui1024

Could you please send me a link from your app so I can see how it works?


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