"Is Loading" with Advance Filter does not trigger properly

Looking for a bug confirmation on this:

If you have a repeating group which uses an advanced filter then the “Is Loading” never triggers.

I understand that Advance filters are performed client side, on the resulting search from the server. In other words, advanced filters do the search on the client side (correct me if I am mistaken).

Since ‘Is Loading’ is not triggering you cannot present the user with real-time feedback on the search thus does not allow for a desirable user experience.

Please confirm if this is a bug.

To replicate:

  1. You need a large dataset
  2. Perform an advance filter on a repeating group
  3. Observe value of “Is loading”

Thank you

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Support what is said above.

“Is loading” for me either doesn’t work, or goes from “no” to “yes” to “no”, which doesn’t trigger Conditional Formating.

I gave up! Have feeling it’s a bug!

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