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Repeating group loading - slow

Hi guys

For some reason my repeating groups are loading so slow right here:
Please select country “Andorra”
It just loads 1 entry at the time. That is a little weird.
I m using this search:

Any thoughts?

“Advanced” filtering are made client-side I think. It means that the client load all the data first before fitler them.
I would advice you to avoid “Advanced” filter as much as possible, especially when you need a fast loading.


i just removed the filtering and it s 100% the same i get 1 entry by one
If i change the repeating group to vertical scrolling it works ok

Filter in general is client side, it’s better to have every constraint in the search if possible.


i have done it that way now but if i select ex scroll bar, same thing happens.
is it because i search within a list of things? But the weird thing is that, when i select the option with vertical scroll bar it works like a charm

So @emmanuel. Here you can see:
and this is what i have: simple search


Please see here the difference between Ext. Vertical scroll and Vericall scroll

Select country “Andorra”

Is there a bug?

It’s the same speed for me on a MacBook 13. Is your screen big? if so, that means in ext vertical scroll it loads more entries, and take more time.

Macbook 13

i have clear all the cache and everything. it works ok now. But there is still something. More i load, harder it loads the items. Could you check on the same example? Maybe a “Load more button” would help, in case the user gets to an end but there are still results to be loaded?

I don’t see that here, it’s quite fast.

can you reach the end? i have the last entry called"the end". I can t get to it
Also another remark, in Safari, if i refresh the page, and search again the same thing it gets stuck. I need to clear browser cache in order to load the results at a regular speed

I think something like this would help a lot:

You can implement that yourself with this

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Hi there,

I´m seeing a really slow repeating group data load when there are more than 200 items. I don´t know why is that happening since I´ve used other platforms and they load really fast.

This is something that I´ve already talked about and @emmanuel kindly said that they were working on improvements for the performance but I don´t see anything yet.

I am wondering if it´s just me that I´ve more than 200 items to load in the repeating group.

Thanks a lot guys.

What does your data source look like? I recently made a change to one of my apps the cut down the repeating group loading time by like 75%, simply by changing how I was accessing the data. In my case, I stopped using the “Do a search for…” command and started referencing data objects from somewhere on the page. I’d be happy to take a look at your setup and see what you got cookin

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Hi @potentialthings,

I´m loading by do a search for. My app is an invoicing app so the users have about 300 invoices. I show that list of invoices referenced to the logged in user with a “do a search for…”

What do you mean by “referencing data objects from somewhere on the page”?

Thanks a lot.

You might try using “current users invoices” instead.

I´m using that.

Is there something else that I can do to make it faster?

Thanks a lot.

What does your initial data source look like? As an example, here’s one of mine:

In this example, I’m referencing a dropdown on the page that has already loaded dynamic data. Instead of saying, “Do a search for students across the whole system,” I’m telling Bubble, “Hey, you already loaded this classroom into the page, so just give me that classroom’s Students.”