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Is My Understanding Of User's Correct?

I have this page here:

Which is a ‘my profile’ page that should allow the users to update their profile within the application.

This is a flight school booking application so the users can either be a PASSENGER (non pilot) or a PILOT.

Should these be set up as two different things?

i.e. users and pilots seperately in 2 seperate databases? Or should the data ALL be under ‘user’ REGARDLESS if they are a pilot user or a standard user?

I would have it all under users. Easier to maintain. You can set user types with a workflow when they sign up

Thanks and this is what I was thinking as well.

In terms of the ‘workflow’ my educated guess is to have a ‘checkbox’ on the signup page that when checked (Pilot? yes/no) it drops down a series of further questions relating to pilot profile vs. standard user profile questions.

Is this what you mean by workflow?

That’s one way of doing it. You can then have the field in the db set as default to false to safeguard it that users will not register as pilots when they are not.

Another way is to have two different buttons that will show two different register forms that will have pilot or passenger set into it’s workflows to register the user. It’s a bit more work for you but the advantage is that you can easily add additional fields on the pilot signup to ensure that they are actually pilot’s i.e. license no or something and make it a compulsory field.

I’m currently working on two apps for clients that make use of both methods.

I thought of having two different buttons and signup forms (1 for pilots 1 for passengers/standard users) but don’t I need to put these into two seperate databases? i.e. users database for standard users and pilots database for pilots? Or are they all mashed together still some how under Users?

I do agree with you that it would be easier to have a selector for ‘pilot?’ yes/no and provided it’s a yes, they have additional signup/profile questions to fill in, but why do you feel this would limit me later on for example if we DID need to add the pilots license number in? Wouldn’t it be the same process of adding a new field under the user to acomadate this license number?

I don’t think it will limit you. Have a look at this very simplified example

The data table is dual_signup_user. Hope it helps

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