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Is production plan gone for good?

I just noticed today that production plan is no longer in the list. To be honest I thought it was a big chasm between 79 and $480. But I’m worried if this chasm is gonna be bigger with dedicated servers as the only option or if Bubble is planning to introduce a new plan.

We’re probably going to stick to dedicated. Very few apps exceed 100k workflows, so the plan wasn’t making too much sense, and when you’re above that, most users want dedicated clusters.

Will there be exceptions on case by case basis to increase the number of workflows without going to dedicated? For my app from $79 to the dedicated price would make the break even something extremely hard to deal with. So even though the structure could scale, affordability wouldn’t be in pair.

We’ll see how things go as apps grow. At the end of the day, we don’t want our users to go out of business because of cost, and users don’t want Bubble to go out of business, so we’ll figure out something. We’re working on reducing the cost of dedicated hosting as well.


Ok so for the sake of financial planning what would be the cost of a dedicated server arrangement at this point in time?

Well this is going to change very soon, so give us a few weeks.

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Just saw the new plans for Team and dedicated hardware. Much more interesting than before. Good job @emmanuel and Bubble guys!

And Bubble closed the chasm!! Nice work.