Upgrading to professional

Hey guys!

We’re still on a Personal plan, but in the coming week (starting tomorrow), we’re having our first client meetings. As much as I love Bubble, our main issue with it, as I know many share, is speed. We’ve been doing a lot of work to make workflows as efficient as possible, but still, several simple operations can take as much as 10-12 seconds to complete, and overall, there’s just no getting around that the app is sluggish.

We’re been wanting to hold back this cost, but are contemplating upgrading to a Professional plan in the hope that it will speed things up (we will have to do that in a few weeks as we start having actual users in the system). I thought I’d reach out and see what experiences other users have had:

  • Is the upgrade instant, or does it take some time to convert to the reserved capacity?
  • In your experience, does it make a noticeable difference in workflow speed?
  • Other thoughts?

I would like to know if a server down like today can be avoided. How more stable is the professional plan?

From my understanding, there isn’t a way to avoid an outage if Bubble is down. A dedicated plan might help, but I’m not sure, since it’s still technically managed by Bubble.

A dedicated plan is on a separate cluster, so they can potentially avoid outages. I suspect it depends on the error though.

It hasn’t done much in terms of speed on my opinion. Is your so maxing out?

This is something that the extra server units have been helpful with but in terms of general speed I can’t say it had improved.

We are on 4-5 extra units and this seems to help with according maxing out but other than that it is still slow generally.

I hope bubble can take a look at the issues raised with those web speed tools. I think fixing some of those will greatly help. See ok Ng waiting for cloudfrint for 5 seconds doesn’t seem normal to me.

I think plan change is almost instant. For sure the extra server units are instant and that is great.

Thanks for chipping in. I kinda of suspected that it would work the way you describe: help us out if we’re maxing out, but not increase the general speed…

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