Is SendGrid Reliable?

Sending eMails via my app is absolutely essential to its success and I’ve chosen SendGrid to do this. They worked well but, without making any changes on my app, I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that they’ve just stopped working.
My workflows run as normal but there is absolutely no activity recorded in the SendGrid Dashboard and I can’t find any reason why. I’ve read their documentation and logged a query but even now , I can’t shut down the “Request Submitted Successfully” screen without being told that I’m going to lose all my data which doesn’t make any sense and tells me that their end isn’t working as expected. It’s not giving me any confidence.
I want to launch my app soon but I can’t without the emails working. Am I better off trying some other software or is SendGrid really the way forwards?

Someone is going to point you to this thread, @joefarrowsmith, so it might as well be me. :slight_smile:


That’s excellent. Thank you Mike.
I think I’ll make the leap now and just have the one embarrassment of an email not arriving while demoing the app last Friday rather than go ahead into production with some ropey old tosh as an amailer. Thank you.

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Currently using sendgrid here and haven’t had issues…yet…but starting to think also we should switch before it becomes a problem rather than after.

To your comment about demo embarrassment, there’s a reason I have a personal policy of “never, ever, under any circumstances do a live demo.” It never fails that something fails.


Good mantra! Happily for me I had an audience of one sympathetic person who’s business will be one of my customers. She only wanted to see what the app looked like…it was actually a very valuable experience for me and I’ll be heeding your advice wherever possible.

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lol i wouldve done exactly that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

tldr; no, its not reliable :wink:

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