Is the site down ? - dediecated server

Guys - looks like bubble is down on my dedicated cluster.

Update: Got fixed in less than 20 minutes - thank you josh for the fast service!

is it this problem you previously facing ?? Can’t auto save.

Hi Sinyongng
Sorry for the late response. No, that was not the problem i was facing. Hope yours got resolved.

Hey there, I am having the eternal saving problem here, can somebody please help?

Just noticed the last system save happened four hours ago =/

When my computer gets slow and continues to show “saving” for too long, I restart my browser and it becomes quick and snappy again. I assume this has something to do with the way the Bubble editor and Chrome interact.

I see, the thing is I am looking for a way for me not lose the work I’ve done in the last hours. Is there any?

I would also love to know if there’s any way turn off the autosave and save manually. I miss being able to login, do few changes and if I don’t like what I see, simply close it without saving.

I’m not sure. Perhaps just let it sit and catch up? Wish I had a better answer.

@contato.spotexpress submit a bug report