Red Saving has been HORRIBLE these past 12 hours. What's up?

Lost a lot of time due to rework because of this. What’s up?

Happened again!

And again!
And again!

If you’re repeatedly encountering an error with saving, the best thing is to file a bug report with Bubble and provide a high level of detail.

This may no longer be the case with recent product updates, but a few helpful tips:

  • If you keep the Bubble open in the background for days, refresh the browser tab every day.
  • Try to minimize use of multiple editors open in the same browser, especially when you might be on the same page in two different windows.

I’ve only experienced it this bad the past day. Yeah i seldom have another tab open unless I’m going back and forth between the API tab and the design view.

I refresh fairly often actually. But i was working a tight deadline and “developing” at a much faster rate than normal. So I’d get a bunch of work done then notice I’d done it for nothing and have to repeat everything I’d just done.

As mentioned in another post we need some sort of popup when this happens. A single red word up top isn’t sufficient.

Bubble’s a great tool except for that annoyance…usually at the wrong times. I wouldn’t think it would take much to make that state more noticeable.

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Hey @gnelson

Not sure if that’s your case… but one thing I noticed is that sometimes “Saved/ Saving” text, right next the “Help” menu, stays “Saving” (red color) for a long time. If you don’t pay attention to that and refreshing the page or keep working with that “Saving” in red color, all your work will likely be lost. I’m not sure if maybe was a bug on Bubble or even on my browser.

Usually that happens with me when I either have a poor internet connection or when I’m working too fast (workload and data specially) and I think I don’t give Bubble too much time to record my actions (I’m guessing). And the worst part is that most of the time I don’t even notice the “Saving” got stuck.

Bubble has some incredible features like rolling back to a previous version down to the minute, but that comes with some trade offs I believe. Everything that you do Bubble will record so it can roll back to that last action. Not sure if that’s your case but it is something for you to be aware.

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Yeah that pretty well describes it. That’s why I think they need a more aggressive notification it’s stuck. I don’t see how rolling back will help though because it’s just going to roll back to what was actually saved, which is what happens anyway when that stuck editor page is refreshed.

Or am I wrong about that?

No you are not wrong…

My point is… In order for Bubble to have a rollback functionality so granular that you can roll back down by the minute… Bubble’s app needs to record EVERY thing that you do. So I think (and I don’t have how to prove that) when you start doing some intense work you can get stuck with their Saving functionality. That happen with me 3 or 4 times already and you kinda loose everything that you did.

Now I’m always looking to that “Save/ Saving” functionality and when I see that red text got stuck, I stop what I’m doing and I give Bubble about 40-60 sec. If nothing happens that means that I need to refresh the page and start again (lost my work). By now I’m not loosing too much work anymore 'cause I’m really paying attention to that sucker. : )

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