Bubble Saving issue

Hi All!

Anyone else experiencing issue with the never-ending “Saving” process for your applications, or it’s only us?

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It’s definitely slower than usual the last few days.

It must be all the new graphs bubble have added. Lol. I havent noticed to much good come from alot of recent additions unfortunately. Alteast while we are waiting for enhancements that will allow even the community to help solve these issues we have nice little graphs to look at.

Have you guys experienced the hours of work, save eventually indicates its done then a browser refresh acts like a bomb fire to your hours of work?

If I’m making some major changes, I stop every few minutes to make sure it’s showing save.

This is still pretty cutting edge software that’s developing fast - got to expect a few bumps in the road.

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Bumps are ok especially for the tool bubble has been evolving into over the last few years. My remarks really arnt aimed at the whole platform at all, more in the case of like you say if your making major changes you save, im letting the auto save run its course as i go but a few times now even after the final indicator of a save before i close my browser and reopen has resulted in complete losses of text… im not even talking elements or workflows just text. I was actually asking the question though as i was just in the middle of filing a report for a bunch of plugin builder issues that have been occurring… like this one, https://youtu.be/a_UqZ3RVfSM

Yes, we have been experiencing this same problem for over 5 days, but it seems to come and go.

A few other people were having the same problem.

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Yeah, see the other thread (and am conscious of not having multiple threads running on this).

It is intermittent, which is frustrating to nail down I am sure. But when it slows down … it really grinds to a halt.

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