Is there a command-line interface for automating Bubble plugin development?

I’m working on a Bubble plugin. I’m using my own development machine, rather than the in-browser Bubble plugin editor for obvious reasons (like having a real coding editor, regexp search and replace etc) and I push the code to GitHub.

The step that bugs me is that after new code is pushed to GitHub, I have to go to the Bubble plugin editor/Settings/GitHub integration and click the button Synchronise with GitHub, which then reloads the editor. I found that rather annoying.

I tried to look for some Bubble CLI, so I could do this from the command line; but found none.

All I want is a small script that could be used like “$ bubble gh-sync”. That’s it. Could do other things, but really the part I’m most interested in, as it’s the most repetitive part, is doing the GH sync.