Is there a limit on Make changes to a list of things?

I will be running Make changes to a list of things for a couple of thousand things. Because I don’t need this done while I’m waiting, I’m doing it in an API workflow (endpoint). Even so, I wonder if there is a limitation on the number of things I can update in one workflow action. The reference doesn’t say anything about this.

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Follow-up questions:

How long should I expect an update of 99 things take? How do I even know when it’s done?

The update is about as simple as can be:


One more interruption of myself:

Here’s the log from when the button was pressed to about 35 minutes later.

I don’t know, but I’m guessing that “Event condition passed” doesn’t mean the API workflow completed. Or does it? I’m thinking it just means that the request to run the workflow met all conditions and the workflow started. If so, it means that the workflow may still be running after more than 35 minutes for 99 things. Is this kind of pace expected?

OOPS! one more log entry showed up after 4 seconds:


Does this mean the workflow finished? Did it work on an empty list as implied by
List to change: being empty
Changes: being empty

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