Is there a partial match in Bubble?

Hi all, I am making a platform for viewing movies, each movie has its own genres, I have a section “More like this” it should show movies with similar genres. When trying to sort by genre it doesn’t give me anything as there is no exact match, does bubble have a partial match function? Thanks in advance

Hi @workspace2707 :wave:

Is your GENRE a list of text?

Yes, my friend

Note that Bubble is case sensitive and your GENRES are not written the same way…


I recommend you to create a Datatype called GENRE and link this datatype to each movie.

i am going to try it, thank you !

well I created a separate base for genres, but sorting is triggered only at “first item”, I just do not understand what it wants from me, how to make it go through all genres of the movie?

Hummm… you are trying to performe a search from “many to many”.

In this case, you will need an Advanced filtering to check if any other movie have at least ONE of the genres of the Current Page Movie.

In the repeating group you created to show movies with similar genres do this:

Do a Search for Movies:Filtered

In the Filter choose the option “Advanced” and type

This Movie Genres Intersect with Current Page Movie Genres:First Item is not empty.

This should load all the movies with, at least, one similar genre!

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oh my god, it’s working! Thank you very much!

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