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Checkbox to do a search and display everything that has been checked


I would like to do a simple search to show everything that has been checked. I have a movie name and a type of movie(Action,Comedy,Romance). so to show Movie 1 when I select Type of movie for Action + to shpw movie 2 when I select Type of movie for Comedy etc… so all selections showing in the result.

Here is when you can input your solution :

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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I have a similar question. Following this to see the responses.


Does anyone has a solution or at to turn into the direction to get this functionality working? It seems quite basic for experts when working with a form and filter the search result.

Looks like I am not the only one waiting to get a feedback on this (thanks john for your post)

I hope to hear from you :slight_smile:
Thank you

Thank you Nigel :slight_smile: I will get some inspirations.