Is there a plugin or way to auto convert my Repeating Group into HTML code

I’m looking for a way to send the Repeating Group in mail as HTML code.

You could create your own HTML code (or hire someone on upwork) to do so and then pass the data in from Bubble.

Additionally, I think there’s a plugin to convert Bubble pages to PDF and then send them as emails. I haven’t done so myself, but I’d recommend you search the forums for instructions if that seems like a viable solution.

There’s a few ways to do this @alan.thomas111997, what type of data in your RG are you wanting formatted?

Thanks for replying. The downside of PDF is I will have to send PDF as an attachment which the user will have to download to view. Another similar option was converting RG into image using plugin and inserting the image into HTML.But again there is a downside to it, it will not be responsive across devices.
Will surely explore the option to write a custom HTML code and pass value from Bubble.

Thanks for replying. These are data which I’m pulling from MySQL. In UI, I’m filtering on the basis of client ID to show active client’s data. Attaching how it looks.