Is there a plugin that displays a customizable toolbar above text selected on a page?

I’m trying to implement a text highlight/notes feature in Bubble and am looking for a plugin that replicates this behavior where a user selects text and a toolbar popups up above the selected text:


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the reply, @shpak.serhiy. I was looking at that plugin as a possible option, but I was hoping some clever Bubbler had created a plugin that would let you fully customize the options.

Basically, a plugin that literally just brings a toolbar to your selected text and you can then populate the toolbar with your own actions/icons. Kind of like a group focus element but one that can reference the text you select.

Just discovered @ahmadnaser16an’s awesome Selected Text Menu plugin, which does EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. Continuing to evaluate before using in a production app, but this seems to totally fit the bill.

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Hi there. Did you get this to work on responsive?