Is there a standard programing language to bubble lexicon anywhere?

Bubble uses different names for things than is common for anyone coming from a programming background (e.g., a Data Type is a Table in a database and a Thing is a Record).

This would be helpful as a reference resource. Anyone created this (I’m working on it as I go along) that they can share?

Hi, @bryan.holmes… Bubble does tie some of their concepts to standard programming concepts in this glossary, so it couldn’t hurt to give it a look.




Think of the built in unique identifier of a Thing (Entity) as your PK, and any Things that you “put” in this Entity as FK’s.

Bubble references datatypes within datatypes via their unique id’s. For the comfort of the user (you) you can chose to display what are nothing more than FK’s as another more comprehensive field than the UID string. (What bubble calls said things’ “primary field”).

In other words, Bubble’s DB functions exactly in the same way as your traditional DB- in fact bubble leverages postgresql with a bit of makeup.

Here’s a very simplistic illustration - pardon the misuse of the UML arrows, but I hope you get the idea. I didn’t use intersection tables to keep things compact.


Thank you. This I figured out (took a little so I’m sure helpful for a new entrant).

I’m looking beyond just that one example of the terms they use for Database. Another example is a Custom State. Nothing in that term suggests it’s a private variable for the page, but ultimately it is. That’s incredibly helpful to know. I only stumbled upon that fact.

A reference sheet for things like this would be incredibly helpful. I’m building it for myself, so maybe I’ll post it here. I just wanted a jumpstart to decrease my learning curve.


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