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Bubble's Lingo - Let's create a dictionary

Sincerely I don’t see the reason behind all these new names for old things but at least I would like to make sense of them )

Thing - database entry
Custom state - variable,
Exposed custom state - public (global?) variable
List of … (in database entry) - Array Field ? One to Many Relationship? BLOB with some relevant data?

Hey there, @HappyBuilder… I’m definitely not trying to be a smartass here… just genuinely curious what you think because I think Bubble’s lingo is dead on.

Don’t you think they had no choice but to go with non-coder-friendly (if you will) language given that the platform is primarily targeted at folks who don’t necessarily know (or even want to know) what things like variables and array fields are? Do you think folks might be “scared off” if Bubble hadn’t created their own lingo?

Anyway, I don’t want to hijack your thread here, but again, I am curious what you think.



Well, I have seen the answer in the interview of founders that it was created for 2-year olds. Good for pitch but 2-year olds nowadays have Scratch ) I hope it’s a joke. So it’s kind of historical artefact now we have to cope with.

As for non-scary movie it is kind of incomplete.

There a lot of things left:

Plugin - enhancement, addition, extra, tail.
Dynamic value - soft text
Element - part


No prob on question but please contribute something to the dictionary :wink:

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Coming in to Bubble as someone with a non-coding background I have found the lingo pretty easy to pickup.

So I think @HappyBuilder this thread isn’t really a Bubble dictionary but really a coder to Bubble lingo translator as there are many people who wouldn’t have ever used those terms you are translating to :slight_smile:

P.S plugin isn’t Bubble specific either - many platforms use that term for the same thing :slight_smile:


Yeap :laughing: - Developers come to Bubble and say things like “How do I declare global variables?, How do I create an array? How do I run SQL on the DB?” Definitely no slight intended to anyone coming to Bubble or expert at Bubble …

I smile when I think of sentences like “You have Things which are things, and these things are a type which also could be a Thing” :laughing:

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I love it because I call everything a thing in general outside of Bubble :laughing:

Well. True. But it is still needs to be done )

To master something one must understand something.

Even in code platforms due to lack of qualified people and speed of life there is a large percentage of stack overflow copy paste kids. If there is a problem, google it, copy paste it and someone senior will customize and fix it it poses further problems in the future or needs to be customised.

Plugin… I just ment that it is a complex word.

Plugin = component = package = extension, for better understanding I would say it is

Visual or non-visual component which extends bubble functionality. Can be no code or low code.

For me it is a bit of confusing overlap with Internet if Things ) Though every sysop here is comfortable with calling socket connections mom-daddy or mom-mom instead of receiving-fork or whatever rightly this should be called.

I guess I have asked it in the wrong place :grinning:

I guess there is some Bubble shorthand

RE - reusable element
RG - repeating group
FG - floating group

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