Is there a way around Russia's Data Localization Law & Bubble?

Hey guys,

Russia has a data localization law that requires all data from users to be stored in servers inside Russia. Bubble does not have any infrastructure/servers in Russia, so does that technically eliminate Bubble from being used in app development for the Russian market?

Hey there @johan1,

I’d reach out to the Bubble Team about this, also check this blog post out Bubble’s Intro to GDPR for Bubble Apps

I’m not 100% sure just a thought.

Bubble uses cloud flare, wouldn’t that be compliant since cloud flare has servers in st petersburg Russia?

If not then you can use bubble as front end and have your own AWS database localized in Russia to store data and pull from it using API

Hey! I live in Russia St. Petersburg. Our government has interest to you only if you a lage platform with 1m+ users. And you can buy russian cloud for database, for example, Selectel.