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Is there a way for the repeating group (in a group) to refresh?

i have a repeating group that refreshes to show the new post that a user makes but how do i make the repeating group refresh if a user deletes a post?

the repeating group is inside of a group, not a page.

i only have one page in my app so refreshing the page isnt an option it seems.

In a workflow say “refresh data” and then select the group.

i cant find a refresh data, is it the same as reset data? what is it under?

Reset Data is correct. My bad.

i just tried reset data. it ended up deleting all the posts from the repeating group that i made as the current user, but i need it to simply refresh so that the repeating group still contains posts, while not showing the deleted post.

I guess I’m not clear how you’ve set-up your page or what you’re trying to do. My RGs automatically updated when the data source updates. So, if that’s all you’re trying to do then you need to delete that thing from the DB and it’ll update in the RG.

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