My cart page and checkout page are getting the same item in repeating group instead of the multiple items added to cart

Hey Bubblers!
I need help for the items add to cart and go to checkout page. I am getting the same item in repeating group instead of multiple items added to cart.
Thanks in advance !

Now i am getting all the items in the same group instead of the different groups. Can somebody please help me out with this i am really stuck in this.

I doubt anyone can help much without knowing way more about what you’re currently doing…

But if you’re getting the wrong things showing in your repeating groups then you obviously have your datasources set up wrong. So double check all of those as a first step.

Feel free to post more info about what you’re doing in your app and what you’re trying to do in here if you want some more specific help.

I am currently working on a food app. So here i want to add multiple food items to cart but i am not able to add the items to cart page.
and if the add to cart workflow works then the items are displaying like in the above image and same is happening with the checkout page.
I want to add multiple food items in the repeating group.
It would be a great help.

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