Is there a way to Animate a shape to a certain position on the page?

I have a shape on the page.

Is there a way to move it to a certain position on the page, by way of an animation?

It doesn’t seem like you can specify properties of an animation? As in, move to X location?

There’s a plugin called MoveIt that may be able to do it but it’s tricky to do on a pixel-by-pixel basis, unless you’re using a fixed design approach.

Thanks for the prompt response Andrew. Do you work at Bubble?

Yes, I would like to choose a fixed design approach for more control. It’s not a standard website that I am making, it’s more like a simulation.

Choosing a “Fixed Design Approach” is this a setting in Bubble? Is it a setting that I have to specify in Move it? Do you know if MoveIt is a free plugin?