Move text box/button around the screen after an action?

New here. Just starting to learn.
When I place a button or text box I get XY for size and XY for location. Are the XY values for location actively changeable?
I’m basically trying to make a simple animation when the button is clicked.

The animate feature is a better way to go t animate the button.

Thanks john3, I’ll check it out. Are there any instructions or demos of using animation available?

It’s pretty easy just in the worklfow add animate after the button is clicked and select how you’d like it to be.
If you have a problem just post back here…

I guess I need to be more specific. Thanks for your help john3, but animate does not look like it will work. What I am trying to do is create multiple lists (Ques) to the screen at one time, then when one item is selected have it move from it’s current list to the bottom of the next list and stay there. Then, if hit again, move to the next list etc. I figure I can do it with some math and control of XY position.
Any ideas?

Https:// might be what your after… only a few hours left until release and presale price disappears!

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