Is there a way to collapse height of a floating group?

Hey, So I had a comment system inside a floating group. When the arrow up is clicked, the comment slides up and when down is clicked it moves down. Currently applied the same within the comment group shown for which it works well.

But the main floating group still remains there making the UI look ugly:

When arrow is clicked, the group comment space toggles, but the floating white space behind still remains.

How do I fix this?

I don’t thinks possible the way you want to do it. Once the floating group height is expended there is no way to shrink it’s height again (But I might be wrong about it).

You may want to find workaround for it e.g. having two floating groups - one with the arrow up and another with full comment system that shows up and the first one will hide and vice versa with the arrow down.

Can you show photos of both states?

Do you mean to do something like this in these pictures? To have a button visible that shows/collapses a group below when pressed?

I have the floating group with transparent background.

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