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Collapse group without changing height of parent group


I have designed a sidebar in a reusable element. This RE is placed in a page within a FG.

In the sidebar RE I have the logo at the top contained in a group in order to hide&collapse when page width is lower than X.

When condition is true logo is hidden and group containing it collapses correctly.

My problem is that the sidebar’s height also gets smaller creating an ugly visual effect at the bottom of the page.

How can I make the sidebar to respect the original size when collapsing a group inside? Or any valid workaround.

Thank you very much.

I had/have a similar issue (i think) with a toolbar in a RE placed on a page, the toolbar is only visible when the user is logged in.

However, a RE height does not collapse when hidden, the feed back I rcvd from Bubble was to put the RE inside a group on the page and also manage the height issue that way via the page.

I know it kind of defeats the purpose of having an RE, but that is where we are at the moment.

Thanks for your feedback Dave.

I actually have my RE inside a Floating Group in the page. It’s collapsing everything :slight_smile:

So why I know it’s collapsing everything the Group in the page?

My RE background is transparent. The green background is from the Floating Group in the page. My expectation would be when I collapse group inside a RE that the Floating Group in the page keeps the same height.

I changed size of RE in the page to show it’s contained in the FG.

But still the issue remains. When the Logo Group inside Sidebar A is collapsed the Floating Group in the page adjusts it’s height and leaves that ugly thingy on the bottom :slight_smile:

I have also had issues with FGs, but this was in relation to RGs being contained within them. It used to leave huge empty spaces while the RG was loading. The floating group would extend to the full height of the page and then shrink back to the correct height of the RG once its data had loaded.

Had to find a compromise in the short term to get what I wanted, but is something I plan to go back and revisit later.

Can you share a link to your editor or re-create the problem in the ForumApp, then we can go in an poke about. It maybe needs a bug report raising if a genuine issue.

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