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Is there a way to convert a list of things into text without a worflow

Hello there,

so imagine you have Projects, and each project can have multiple Contacts in it.
For example, Project 1 has 3 contacts : John, Mickael and Mark.

is there a way to convert the list of Contacts in just plain text (a text string like “John, Mickael, Mark”), but without a workflow, in order to keep it dynamic (for exemple if Mickael leaves the project, the next time the lists is displayed the string will be “John, Mark”

Makes me think of the Concatenate fonction in Excel…

Thanks for you help

I think you maybe over thinking this one, just display it in a text element and it will be a string.
You can use the ‘join with’ function to change the separator from a comma to something else if you wanted.

Thanks @pork1977gm, it’s just that I am using the Tables plugin by @Thimo which is awesome, but it appears that it doesn’t allow to display a list of things in 1 cell…

Oh I see, ok I hadn’t realised that, wish I could help further!
Hopefully you’ll find a way or Thimo will get back to you soon :slight_smile:

@acaffin this an old post , but just incase someone else need the answer.
Do Search for your Contacts then under more is “Format as text”.
Select “This Contact’s:Name” under Content to Show…
Select “,” under Delimiter
and you get a single text back containing exactly what your sample asked for.

Hope this helps someone.