Is there a way to create Conditional "Type of Data" in a repeating group?

I’m trying to create different data sources with a submit button in a repeating group based on three choices in a dropdown menu. In other words if the user chooses A, my data source will be User, if they choose B, it will be admin and if they choose C, it will be business.

Is there a way to get this to work?

A potentially connected and frustrated question that I have is the hierarchy of data. It seems to me that you can never successfully use two linked data sources that have anything other than text. In other words, I’m doing a “Tribute” site. The Tributes Data type has all diffferent type of Tributes: Movie, Music, books, etc, all with the data type of text. Then I have Movie Tributes as a separate data category with Name (text), pix, description, etx.

Is there a way to merge two data sets so that my Tributes that are movie names then become the Movie Triubtes Titles which are text.

In case I’m not being Clear:

Movie Name (Text)
Song Name (Text)
Book Name (Text)

Then I want to be able to have

Movie Tributes
Name (Text)
Pix (Image)
User (user)

Is there a way to successfully who the two different forms in one group? It seems like a fundamental concept that for some reason I am not getting. Any help?



Are you trying to have 3 or more data types for tributes: movie_tribute, music_tribute, book_tribute, etc?
If so - this approach is not the best.

Have 1 data type (table) eg. Tributes and the second, eg. Tribute_type

  • in Tribute_type put just name Text field
  • in Tributes put all what you may need: name, pix, description, etc AND add one more field “type” type of Tribute_type

now fill your Tribute_type with all items you need: book, video, movie, music, etc (even if only 3 items)

Next - any dropdown box with types of tributes - fill with dynamic data from Tribute_type

From this moment any repeating group you have with Tributes - you can use dropdowns to filter/search for specific types of Tributes, using the field “type”.

And also, for displaying data - you can have repeatinggroup or group with one thing, and another one inside with another Thing. Like that you can add Text and/or Input elements grabbing content from either of the groups.

Thank you for your help and it makes complete intuitive sense. I created a new category called Tribute Type with the category field “Name” that was a text. Next I added “Type” to the Tribute Table and chose “Tribute Type” as the thing.

Next, I added the following names to the app data: All, Bride, Groom, Couple in the section under “Name” in the Tribute Type table.

Now, when I put the dropdown menue in and choose Tribute for “Type of Sources”, next I do a “Search for 'Tributes” with the constraint ‘Type.’

Feel like everything should be good to go. When I preview it, there are four blank choices. It appears as if the choices are there, but are invisible. I tried changing the color of the text and everything.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help.