How to Create a Repeating Group that Sources Data from Different Data Types

For instance, I want to be able to have notifications for my users that would display a potential of at least of two different types of messages in each row of a repeating group.

Let’s call one type “Accepted Notification” messages
The other we’ll call “Declined Notification” messages

So imagine the user being able to get two different message types, where each message has a subject and body relevant to the data types mentioned above. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to be able to display more than one data type in the same RG, so I’d like to turn to my fellow bubblers for help.

I thought there must be some way that you can source fields from multiple types, and sort by say user and creation date as to which type of message “Accepted” or “Declined” shows up in which order.

I hope someone can help point out that this is silly easy and I’m just missing something.

Thanks in advance!

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I don’t know of a way to make a single repeating group be for two types of things. What I can suggest is that you turn your two types of things into one type a thing “Notification Messages” with a field for type, Accepted or Declined, and then you can show them both in the same repeating group.


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Agreed with @mguerrasio. Just make it one type and have a status field instead to differentiate.

Technically, you could merge 2 types by setting the RG to text type and data source to Accepted Notifications’ unique ID :merged with Declined Notifications’ unique ID and do searching/filtering/conditionals based off current cell’s text (unique ID). But it’s messy.

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Hi @mguerrasio and @romanmg, I appreciate the reply.

I’d like to first try your suggestion to put the two types into one thing. To be clear are you suggesting the field be “text” or “yes/no”?

I’ll test it out in a second, but the part I’m confused on is would I make the repeating group then search for “Notification Messages”, and then will each cell be able to sort to “Accepted Notifications” Subject and Body or “Declined Notifications” Subject and Body based on criteria like date created? I hope that makes sense.

If I understand you correctly, both Declined Messages and Accepted messages share the same types of fields (subject, body, date, etc.). So I am suggesting you make a thing called NotificationMessages with all those same fields, and then a new field called “Type” that is text. When you create a message, you would have to put a value into Type that would be either “Accepted” or “Declined”. Then in your repeating group, you could just search for messages of any type and list them ordered by date, and display the message type in the group.

Make sense?

Now this presumes I am understanding what messages are in your app. If you setup your app to be shared, I could take a look in it and provide potentially better suggestions.


You got it.

And looks like it works! Thank you @mguerrasio and @romanmg for the help on this!

I don’t know why I couldn’t get my brain to think in this fashion prior. I was trying to parse off multiple message things, without understanding that one message thing can be created with a field of “text” to denote the type of message, even with several shared fields (subject, body, date, etc).

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how to create same data source of two control, so if i changes one control data it change the data automatically of another control?