Plugin idea: Shuffle repeating group

It would be great to have a plugin that can shuffle repeating group content randomly without reloading a page. The current workarounds are not really comfortable.
When element X clicked > shuffle rg content random order.
Would pay for that.

Hey @bubble48 :wave:

Do you mean you want the repeating group to automatically reload a new random list every few seconds without having to refresh the page?

If that’s what you are thinking, have you tried the ‘every 5 seconds’ workflow and the ‘display data in a repeating group’ step?

Let me know. :blush:

Can you explained that more detailed? Sounds good. Isn’t it creating too many database calls?

Actually, it seems like Bubble might not work as intended. It doesn’t seem to actually display a random list the way that it should.

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I suggest reporting it as a bug and trying to see if they can fix it. It doesn’t actually update with a new random list, it only send the same list over and over again. You can send them my example if you would like.

Hope that helps a bit. Maybe they can resolve the issue and push a fix for it.

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