Is there a way to hide the start time of events in the calendar?

Ive been using the calendar to log hours for a timesheet page. I would like to have the text for the event to just show the name of the event instead of the start time. Right now they all are prefixed with 12a standing for 12 am when the start time of the event is automatically set to.

As you can see I would like it to just ready " 8 hrs" on each day rather than “12a 8hrs” each day.


I have been trying to figure out the same thing.

+1 for this.

Unfortunately I don’t think the plugin we use offers this option

I too would be interested in this functionality.

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Has anyone been able to remove or change the Start time showing as ‘12a’ in this plugin?

I noticed it also defaults to 3a, event when the start time is 3 PM - no matter the setup it seems there always an ‘a’

I noticed in other screen shots some have the event display with “start time - end time” (12:30 - 1:00) without any ‘a’ showing, anyone know how to do this at least?

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@cm1 (<-- Hey Claudiu, I think you had the screenshot I was referring to, just can’t find it now)

Go to Settings > Languages

You can edit the format there and get rid of the “a”. If you replace “a” with “t” or “tt” you can get the right time of day.


You rock. Thanks! :raised_hands:

This is what I am looking for :slight_smile:

However, when selecting the box to edit the page reloads and nothing happens. Any ideas?

It reloads as soon as you click the box? That’s weird. I’d reach out to Bubble support about that. Maybe file a bug report.

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Onto it!!!

Will post the results.


To go off of what @romanmg said…
Under the Settings -> Languages look for Full Calendar - {“agenda”:“h:mm{ - h:mm}”,"":“h(:mm)”}
To remove the “a” and make it “a” or “p” use the following:
{“agenda”:“h:mmt{ - h:mmt}”,"":“h(:mm)t”}

To remove the time off the caption entirely use:

This worked for me.

4 Likes @romanmg @gf_wolfer This works for displaying the proper “a” or “p”! Thank you! Does anyone know how to display the start time-end time instead of just the start however?

Thanks a lot for this. I didn’t know how to make this work

You’re the best!!!

With custom css that calendar is really flexible!!!

Curious if anyone’s used this lately? Just tried it and not sure if I’m doing something wrong or the pluginw as just updated and it no longer applies.

Same, I tried the above and it’s not working. Any update?

Better late than never, I was looking for an answer too.

I found a way to hide it. It’s not very clean, but it works.

Add an HTML element on the page builder, set its width and height to 0 to make it invisible. Add this code to hide the class of the element (use your browser’s inspector if the class changes):


Copier le code

    .fc-event-time {
        display: none !important;

Hope this helps everyone! :smiley: