Calendar Display

Dear Bubblers,

The Calendar Plugin shows the calendar starting at 6 AM when on week view.

This is annoying since most of my events start only later in the day.

I would prefer if the Calendar plugin was focused on another time (for instance 10 AM).

Anyone know how to do this ?

Thanks !!

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Have you looked at the docs for calendar- one section is about text/time customization- you might find the answer here (maybe)

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Thanks but not sure how to access the customisation. Should I do it through Bubble ? Any idea on that ?


Would you guys be interested in sponsoring an update to fullcalendar?

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Hi, @karacrystal, did you happen to figure out how to change the start and end times displayed on Full Calendar? Mine actually starts at 12AM and I’d love to change it. I wonder how yours was set to a different time than mine was starting out too.!


Hi Jamie,

no clue why mine starts at 6 and no I didn’t manage to change it…

Good luck !