Is there a way to know which users have temporary passwords?

I made a huge mistake with a waitlist sign-up flow months ago (I was new to Bubble). I actually created accounts for all people on the waitlist and assigned them temporary passwords.

Now we’re allowing people from the waitlist to actually create user accounts and I’m seeing the problem with this: users don’t know their password, so I have to do this super messy flow where I determine if they already have an account or not first, and if they do (because they signed up on the waitlist) they have to bounce to their personal email twice in a row in a really janky way.

What I’m thinking is that if I can figure out exactly which users from the waitlist still haven’t created their accounts, I can copy their user-info into a separate record, delete their account, and then I can have a fairly normal user flow. The only hiccup is I need to know which ones actually signed up through this terrible waitlist flow and then never created a password. Hence the need to know if a user has a temporary password or not.

Or is there some other way to make the user experience for people onboarding after having been on the waitlist better?

Maybe just use magic link instead? Just an idea. :man_shrugging:t2: No passwords necessary. :blush:


Wouldn’t that be the same number of steps, but instead of “send reset email” it would be “send magic link email” and then the rest of the workflow would be the same? Still not a great experience for users.

It’s a little different. Basically it’s a simple 2 factor authentication.

Step 1. Have user enter their email address.

Step 2. User clicks on link that automatically signs then in. Done :white_check_mark:

Does that make sense? Is that different than what you are trying to do? :man_shrugging:t2:

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The problem is that these users have never signed in before, so there are additional steps:

Step 3: land on webpage, get directed to the “Confirm your Email” page

Step 4: go back to email again and click on link

Step 5: Dashboard

If you look at the user flows I posted, you will see that a magic link doesn’t reduce the total number of steps. The main issue is sending the user an email twice in a row. Terrible.

If I delete the users, I can reduce the steps and eliminate one of the emails. But I need to know which users to delete: the ones with temporary passwords, or some other record of last login activity.

Yeah, I just wouldn’t do the email confirmation step since the user can only login with a valid email anyways. It doesn’t really serve a purpose anymore. Does that make sense? :blush:

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It makes sense for this particular flow.

But for users who are coming in from different flows and are creating their own passwords, I do need a way to verify their emails.

I appreciate you helping me think through this. I could shift things so that all users use a password reset instead of an email confirmation, but then how can I check whether or not they’ve confirmed email? Bubble lets you check if a user has confirmed email, but doesn’t allow you to check if they’ve reset (based on the lack of answers in this thread).

The real lesson here is don’t create users when you don’t actually mean to create a user.

Hmm :thinking:

Just thinking out loud here… could you have the same flow for all users? Just let them all login without passwords. Just use the magic link instead. I use that on a few of my platforms and it seems to be a simple way to verify that they have a legit email as well as make the login passwordless. This is technically verifying their email if they can only login this way.

It might now work for your situation. Not sure. :man_shrugging:

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I see what you’re saying, I just don’t want to be stuck with the magic link option forever for all users.

Yeah. Understood. :blush:

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