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Viral referral waitlist — signing users up without a password


I’m trying to build a viral waitlist where users enter their email to join the waitlist and can share their links with other people. When their friends use their link to sign up for the waitlist, the user gains points and moves up the waitlist. Here is an example:

I’m currently stuck on how users can’t just enter their email to join the waitlist because Bubble won’t allow for passwordless log-ins.

Alternatively, I’ve made another database called “waitlist” with the fields so when users enter their emails, their emails are recorded under the waitlist database instead.

My problem is now users who use the same email get added as a new entry and that the waitlist page itself doesn’t “remember” people who have signed up and therefore their position.

If anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it!

Use this Workflow :
When they click on enter after entering their email

  1. Create account for someone else
  2. Assign a temporary password

This is will create an account for that email id and assign a random password. When you let them login to your site, they first need to reset password.