Is there a way to make a copy of an app?

I’m wondering if it possible to copy a full app to a new editor so can customize it in a different way?

I was thinking of copying each page with workflows but this is wont work, it becomes so messy.
The other option is to start developing the app as a template. i’m not sure if this will work plus i dont think it is the best option to do this.
any ideas?


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There is a copy function in your apps overview list


(second from left)


Unfortunately, there currently isn’t a way of copying/moving an app from one bubble account to another, however, like reger-alexander said, you can make a copy of an app to your own account.

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@dylanwares You can transfer the app on your current account to another account by going to the application editor > Settings > Collaboration > Invite a user (email) > input email you want to transfer the app to > Transfer.


Thank you all. super helpful community and fast answers, appreciate it :slight_smile:

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