Is there a way to make page background static

I am sure it must be under my nose, but I can’t find it so can someone tell me how I can have an image as the page background, but that image remains static, i.e. when the user scrolls down or up everything on the page scrolls apart from the background image.

The way I do it is by clicking the ‘Apply parrallax effect’ and then turn the speed to zero. This works on Desktop but not mobile

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Or you can use CSS for resolving this problem, this article maybe help you

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You can also use a fixed floating group set to “beneath the page”.

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The fixed floating group option worked perfectly and it looks so much better now than it did when the image was scrolling.

Massive thanks @akieffer and also to @Kirill and @cmorris too for two excellent alternatives.

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@akieffer One quick question. Is there a way to keep the who image in perspective so that bits of it (i.e. to the left and right) don’t disappear as the browser is right.

For example here are two screengrabs of the url you posted. Is there a way to keep it the same horizontally as it is resized.

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