Is there a way to making bubble compliant with PPA?

I am currently in the healthcare business in Australia. I have an idea for an App using bubble but it ended up that Bubble’s security isn’t compliant with the PPAs (Australian privacy principles).
I contact bubble directly and they informed me that this forum would be the best place to ask if there is any way to resolve that security issue.

Any input would be highly appreciated.

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@projekt4145, I had a look at the principles and I dont see any unreasonable or impossible demands. Why was the conclusion that Bubble’s security is not compliant, f.i. which principles and what was the motivation?

Hi @gerbertdelangen
Thanks for your contribution and for taking the time and checking the PPAs.
I’m quoting from bubble email:
" PPA dictates that all components of service must be compliant in order for the product as a whole to meet requirements. Though certain sub-processors may be PPA compliant, the Bubble platform and internal company processes as a whole are not, so any applications built on Bubble will not meet compliance requirements. Therefore, we cannot recommend building applications that require PPA compliance on Bubble."


@projekt4145, that is unfortunately not very specific. If they were more specific about the principles they do not adhere to and in what way, you could speak to a lawyer what the
implications are, wether they are acceptable and if not, what possible measures there are. The best option is probably to find an alternative which allows you to host the app and data locally (or in your country so they probably need to follow local privacy rules) or in your own cloud.

Thanks @gerbertdelangen for your help.
Talking about other applications builders I came across xano. They are letting you choose where you want your data to be stored.
But yea thanks anyway

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