Is there an issue with Dropdown inputs being Invalid? / Problem with Conditionals

Hi there. I’m thrown for a loop with my dropdown menu today.

Yesterday things worked find, today not so much.

I am attempting to put conditionals on a second subcategory dropdown menu (not pictured in 1st screenshot) so that when the 1st subcategory dropdown (pictured as “restaurant”) is invalid (nothing selected), then a second subcategory menu will not show up. But when it is valid (selection made), it will show.

However, even when I have an item selected in the 1st subcategory dropdown the second subcategory is not showing, see screenshot below.

In the screenshot I used the inspector and I’m not sure if this has anything to do with anything, but it says Condition 2: This Dropdown isn’t valid… Is this a bug?

Here is a screenshot of the second subcategories conditionals:

I have tried the reverse in saying when business subcategory 1 is valid then subcategory 2 is visible, but it just shows all the subcategory dropdown menus upon page load even though both subcategory 2 and subcategory 3 are checked as not visible on page load.

Anyone encounter this or have any ideas? Any help would be majorly appreciated!


Solved this myself. I thought that by having no choices that meant the dropdown would be invalid.

The way easier way to to do it is setting a conditional like:
When subcategory 1 dropdown’s value is not empty
subcategory 2 dropdown menu is visible (checked)

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