2 Drop-down menus, the 2nd is locked with conditional choice of the 1st

I’m sorry if this has been discussed before. But it’s kind of difficult to find the exact information I’m looking for because the information and tutorials seem extremely sparse to me. Even the manual seems to me to be leaving some information out or maybe just hard to dig up. But I’m trying to design a sign-up screen and I’m using 2 drop-down menu so the user chooses to sign up for a customer profile or a business profile. Each profile has unique properties. But the second drop-down menu can only be interacted with if the user has chosen a business profile.

I’m assuming the 2nd dropdown is hidden unless the first dropdown’s value is Business. In the conditions tab for the 2nd drop down, you’d say, “When Dropdown A’s value is ‘Business’ then this dropdown is visible.”

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I’ve been trying and trying to get this to work but it’s not working. I uploaded a screen shot of the options I’m using is this what your talking about. Cus it’s not working.

Your value appears to have two sets of quotation marks ““Business Account”” when it should only have one “Business Account”. That would cause it to not match.


SUCCESS!!!. Thanks guys. I’m so blind I totally didn’t even notice that.

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