Is there any Random Number Generator Plugin?


Is there any Random Number Generator Plugin? I have made a website for my company and i need a random number generator for the Receipt Numbers.
Is there any plugins? Or is it custom?


Hi @mrpsgamer8,

Bubble has this built in using the ‘Calculate Formula’ function.




Oh okay thank you, ill do that @lantzgould

Is there a way when a customer places the order, to get a PDF of him/her Receipt?

It depends on a bunch of factors. But, the answer is yes it’s definitely possible.

Search on the forum for pdf. A bunch of great resources to choose from depending on your needs. :slight_smile:

Hey, im still stuck making this Receipt Data, if i DM u a edit link can u give it a check for me? Or ill send you a copy. I’ve done what i knew but ive hit some problems which i cant fix from the past 30-45 minutes now