[Plugin Request] Receipt System

I was hoping a Plugin Builder could make a simple Receipt System, I’ve noticed a lot of good plugins but none with the ability to create a receipt system adding items to a repeating good and adding the prices to total, with the item being in database already. If a Plugin Builder could build a simple free version that would be awesome I think a lot of users could use something like this.
Thanks in advanced

Not sure that you need a plugin for that. This can all be done with current Bubble functions.
Example: You build an invoice DB that will be linked to a Carts DB. In the Cart DB, you will have a quantity field and a total price and a link to Item that will have the item price.

When user add Item into cart, you do quantity * item price and set the cart total price. Then you just need to use Cart’s total price:sum.


I don’t per say mean plugin more or less an element to make it easier for users that are making a a receipt system cause, I know we can do it within the current usages of bubble but I guess I’m meaning something easier for the process, I mean like me I’m making a invoice system and am having a serious issue with the items adding properly to the receipt portion so something like that would make it a lot easier for some I guess is what I’m meaning

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Check out the bdk repeating group plugin. It will help you lots with extracting data from repeating groups.

I have a similar invoice setup in my app. The BDK repeating group plugin was necessary to get all the calculations working properly.

If you don’t want to pay the 16 dollars, i’m sure there’s a way to do it with some simple JavaScript and the toolbox plugin.

Yeah that’s one issue at the moment is income, that’s why I’m trying to get this done on time and that’s the biggest issue I have is this one part

Your options really are to pay for plugins, or do extra work and learn extra things. There are plenty of free plugins, but certain ones that are very handy cost money. It takes time to build stuff.

I only work 15 -20 hours per week on mine, and i have months to go. Mine is likely more challenging than most, but you need to put time in to get ahead.

So if you can’t afford it, maybe pick up some JavaScript. That’s one of the next things I would like to learn. It’s useful.

I know JavaScript one of the first things I learned when I started Game Development, but I don’t know how to implement java into bubble to be honest otherwise that’s probably how I would have done this in the first place haha

Check out this plugin. I’ll allows you to use JavaScript in bubble.

I have it I just didn’t realize it allowed JavaScript

It can be a little tricky to use especially in repeating groups. I set up an example showing a function that adds 10 to the current cells index, then adds that number to a custom state list.

Thats a lot different than I expected for java script

Yes, It should allow you to calculate prices for each cell, then push that price into a custom state list where you can use :sum to get the total, assuming that’s what you’re trying to accomplish.

Calculating the prices isn’t the issue its getting the button to add the item the was brought up from the search box the stores all the companies services/items for example Maintenance to the repeating group then say Dry wall repair, but when I try to work it out it either replaces one or the other or it displays all the items in data base

I’m not sure I understand your problem, but it sounds like it could be a workflow problem that you can fix.

Also note that if you’re adding these database entries into a custom state list, bubble doesn’t allow duplicate entries meaning its not possible to have a custom state list like A, A, B, C. It would only be A, B, C.

Their won’t be duplicate entries and yes it is a workflow problem, I’m trying to get the work flow to were A and B are already in the database, then when the company searches A or B in the search Box they search for A and presses Add Item it will add item A then they go back into the search box and search B and presses add item it will add Item B under A if that makes more sense and all of this is done on a New Invoice pop up and a Add Items popup

Actually Never Mind scratch that I just got the damned thing work