Search + Airtable

First time writing here so please let me know if I got something wrong.

I’ve been using to create a “Rate My Villagers” web-app where the user picks their villagers (based on ACNH) and receives a score.

I have all villagers on Airtable and a repeating group to show their names and species on my Bubble-app. Now what I’m trying to add is a Search feature.

I tried 2 methods so far:

  1. Input field named “Search” then Condition on the RepeatingGroup to change DataSource when “Search” has value.

  2. FuzzySearch plugin

But unfortunately neither worked.
The 1st method just doesn’t do anything, the 2nd one hides everything as I start typing on the input field but then whatever I write doesn’t show any results.

Here’s a link to my project:

Hope someone will be help to solve the mystery :slight_smile:

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