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Is there any way to save data to external storage through FTP?

Curious if there is a way I can save data directly to a server using FTP. I do not want certain data to be saved on Bubble, instead I want to create the action to either convert to PDF or save as .csv and then save data onto a secured server. Some of the information is sensitive and cannot be saved which is why I want to use FTP. Really no different than saving to Amazon S3 or Google drive, just want to be able to save on local server vs. cloud server.

I’ve explored Blockspring and Zapier with no luck.

Is this possible?

Blockspring would be the way to go, if you build your custom block, you can write any code there, and connect to any server you want I think.

What new service do I add to create my own custom block to add code and connect the ftp? am I just adding some basic html code in order to access the SFTP and save the file using block spring at that point? @emmanuel

You add a new custom block in blockspring, and then it will show up in your favorites.

How would I set the variable in the block in blockspring to be the file or path in Bubble? I am taking data from a form in Bubble and wanting to store it in .csv file on a local server through SFTP. I can create the custom block as you said but I am confused as to how I would create the variable for the file that is being uploaded @emmanuel

I haven’t done stuff like this with custom blocks, so i’m not very sure. But when you create a block, you can take a parameter with the block, in this case, it could be the csv string.