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CSV or Excel data into app like google sheets data

Hello I am new to bubble. I am trying to get data from my backend system the same way google sheets with blockspring sends data into bubble. My system produces user data upon request from my app users form submissions, however the data is appended to my choice of a csv file or excel spreadsheet. I would just use blockspring to “push” excel data to Gsheet and the blockspring Gsheet into bubble. I have tried this approach and have had issues with Blockspring disappearing from my Excel sheet. My preference would be to send or rather “sync” csv direct into bubble. Does anyone now if this is possible? Thank you.

Hello and welcome :slightly_smiling:

Blockspring doesn’t play nicely with Office365 Excel I have found, it crashes mine.

What are you using for form submission ?

If you are using something that Zapier connects with with (like Wufoo) then you could send it directly to the bubble database via the API.