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Can I upload a ftp link to an image element?

Hi, I am trying to save a pdf I have in a ftp link, all this trough zapier, but I am not been able to do it.

How can I save a ftp link containing a file (pdf) to a thing? it is that possible? I am trying to automate some tasks, I am trying to avoid to save the file from the link in my computer and then upload it to bubble.
Is there a way to do it?


You can save a link in the db, that’s not an issue, but you won’t be able to have the file downloaded from your ftp to bubble’s server that way. Is it what you’re trying to do?

Emmanuel, that is exactly what I am trying to do.
Do you know if there is a way, a workaround? Maybe in zapier or blockspring Definitely it would be a game changer to my app. I am getting al the info from emails, I use Zapier and google spreadsheets to save what I need using regex. It is working perfectly, I now need to save all the info in bubble. Thanks @emmanuel

You could write a block in blockspring that downloads the file and returns the raw data. If the type of the block returns an image, we save it to our own servers (S3).

Thank you so much @emmanuel, I am going to try that.

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@emmanuel I am still in trouble here, this is what I have done:
I get an email from gmail using zapier, I save the html content of the email in a google spreadsheets, then using REGEX I extract a name, an ID , an actual contract number and a ftp link, every one of those saved in a diferent CELL, everything happens automatically, and it works as charm.

I was trying to download the file from the ftp link using zapier with dropbox, google drive, S3, even an FTP site, but with not luck, because FTP downloads and web downloads are different world. Anyway, My workaround to this was to wrote a little python script and make run every x minutes in a machine I have in, this script read the google spreadsheet, gets the ftp link, connects to the FTP and download the file to a dropbox folder in it, so automatically I am saving everything to dropbox ( I am thinking using also python to save the content of the email to the spreadsheet, so I can save some Zaps from Zapier, but this in the near future)

Now my problem is with blockspring, I am trying to download the data the way you told me before and get the raw data, with no luck, I am using a block called “Web Scraping - Download File from URL” (I believe the only one who does that) in the preview, using one file it works perfectly, but when I am going to use it with bubble I really do not know how to do it, I have tried to use it directly to bubble, I have also tried inside the spreadsheet , but nothing, the workflow is really diferent when you use it in the preview, where you can even see the RAW data… I really need help with this, I have been working on this since I finished the python script, some weeks ago and I am a little desesperate, and writing this here in the forum is my last resource.

I know this is a little long, but I hope you or somebody could help me out here.

Thank you so much.

@emmanuel I know the last one was asking a lot, I am happy to tell you I have done it :slight_smile:
I just have one issue now, I need to have “Reset Relevant Inputs” at API Workflow / Endpoint.
Please see: [ Reset Relevant Inputs ] - Missing from API Workflow / Endpoint