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Is there no way for user to cancel a Stripe V3 transaction?

Hi. I upgraded to the V3 version of the Stripe plugin. and the thing I noticed is that the user is taken to another page to check out, but there is no Cancel button there.

I mean, what if the user decides to change their mind about following through on the purchase? Is their only option to use the browser’s back button?

And related, how can we know what happened, if we have don’t have any Cancel or Abort Purchase event to tell us what’s happened, when we have workflows to trigger once the transaction has been successfully completed?

Not talking about a failure or error. Talking about the user deciding to not go through with the transaction. Is it the same effect as an error? That anything following the Charge the User step does not execute?

Thanks for your thoughts on this. And any ideas about how to add or activate a Cancel Purchase and Go Back option for the user in the Stripe plugin. (Would rather not try to implement a custom checkout using the API).

I did just find a tiny back button!