Stripe Customer Portal Cannot Cancel

I am using the Stripe Customer Portal plugin by Lantz (Plugins | Bubble), and I am running into an issue when users try to cancel/upgrade their plan. I am using Stripe in the testing environment, and previously when I tested it, users could cancel their subscription or change their plan just fine. However, I just added a return URL to the customer portal, and all of a sudden, the options to cancel or switch your plan isn’t showing up anymore. I previously ran into a problem like this, however it was because I wasn’t giving it the right Stripe Customer ID. I changed it to the correct one, and haven’t touched it since.

This is how the customer portal is configured on Stripe (note the cancel/upgrade buttons are visible)

This is how the customer portal actually looks when users try to access it:

This is what the workflow to open the customer portal looks like:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!